About PMS

Until I know the word PMS, I think my state to be unstable when it comes before menstruation and the thing common that occur to anyone, I had to give up. But, it is from knowing that seems thing called PMS, I tried various examined PMS.
Because PMS is to say that premenstrual syndrome, physical occurs before menstruation, it seems to refer to a mental symptoms.
And those that take place periodically during the period from ovulation to menstruation begins, there are individual differences in symptoms and the degree to appear.Moreover, it is of female-specific, since the individual difference is large, in particular men will be easily understood, also, it's characterized by it is often suffer much that not get understand be the same women doIt is. This was exactly what applies to me.

Characteristics of the PMS

From the people there is no major obstacle to daily life, it seems to be one of the big Characteristics that individual difference is large to humans a large impact on the work and interpersonal relationships.
Physical symptoms
It is that there are a variety of symptoms, as the main thing, headache, back pain, abdominal pain, skin irritation, overeating, edema, and nausea.
Psychological symptoms
Little things irritated with, or become irritable, and Fusagikomi become prone to melancholy, and such no longer want to have the people and involved such as stuck inside the room, seen often become a negative psychological state. To this end, and men dating, husband, and often can cause problems in the relationship with family.
In the case of me, or muffled in the room when it comes before menstruation, suddenly, there was often able to hit the anger to men you are dating. And to is anger that can not be understood by the other party, suddenly, it ends up or cut out farewell, it is also often later become self-loathing, it was very painful.

Some manifestations of the people suffer from PMS

To avoid as long as women are there in the premenstrual symptoms impassable, but the symptoms of the direction of others has also been examined worrisome.
The symptoms of those who suffer from PMS I try to write in free range offense.

Ms.T・W's case
Even going out with men, it is frustrating to become before menstruation, all of that will not be able to endure, it will be goodbye to hurt an opponent. For it is when it comes to menstruation I regret feeling restless, so is not eliminated that he has, it is hard to return to the original. I went to the hospital noticed that the blame of PMS, but you can only see how to drink a pill or herbal medicine. Although I chose Chinese medicine, and ovulation is approaching, and also will be melancholy just I think that he is lost in his own. And, it will be eventually also become their own and not by yourself.

Kayo's case 
From ovulation until just before menstruation, it will anyway increase appetite. Weight will be increased as much as three kilometers, diet after menstruation, it is its repeated monthly. Can you to eat, it is said to be, but is no longer not help but eat at that time. And even though it has been careful to meal everyday, I'm I'm junk food will want to eat. To eat regret, but still also Become want to eat, to eat regret.
Perhaps because diet is bad, the skin also to be worse makeup of riding rough, when tell me "eating too much" to the family, to become explode. . . .
I'm afraid of myself that is hitting up on children, children from helpless was very poor.

Tatsuo's girlfriend's case
One day suddenly, It's anger (the facial expressions and attitude was different person and usually), it is accused that there is no that there is, or is throwing things, With or beaten, it was said to be unilaterally break up to top it off. At first, I do not know the reason at all, than there is a cause to myself, and How can I thought, there is no completely per heart. But a few days later, it was back to Kerotto to the original as if nothing had happened and turned to face. It is not at the level of emotional ups and downs is intense. Listen to be a PMS after a while, I heard that it is difficult to get to work full-time for the from himself. And I think that it is a if not how sick, but then you are also going out, such as always storm even lesser extent some of the monthly A few days will come. Now, it is going is equipped in advance to write her menstruation date in a notebook, but still off guard If you put away, the storm as of surprise will come doing.
If, if she is some people of PMS like me, I might not only be still and wait for the storm pass the still. Each other, let's do our best.

J.K.'s case 
I did not even know the word PMS until recently. Women's graces in Japan, it is often seen in such like eyes. I also went to the hospital, but was drinking herbal medicine, it was said not to cure until menopause. However, the it was a wonder that there is a difference in the way of symptoms appear by the month, and I feel so differently by the feeling of life of the month. Again, I think I do but Na, are connected to the body and mind.

Dealing with PMS

In Japan, but it is a symptom of this PMS who are in have been gradually known, because not be said that also is still generally recognized, it might be people often do not even know the women who. But, some of the women's ovulation period, even without knowing the name, I think or not than many people suffering from alone in this condition. . In the past, until the hay fever are also social cognition, but it seems to have been tell me lazy disease, it is completely national disease now. If accustomed to as PMS also known to the public, it might come deepened the understanding.

The PMS, I think not but have to endure patiently until it. And, what's no choice but to seek the understanding around. There is no such a thing.
Whatever illness that imbalance of body and mind is in its cause it has been recognized gradually. I, the symptoms of PMS are met way to go to reduce by taking the balance of the mind and body, it has been reduced to be a monthly hard time.
Heart only, because trying to somehow While either only the body, it does not seem to be a still reasonable.
And, to have also tightened body and from the start of this method, I feel like stomach tone was also getting better. We will introduce you the way on the next page.

Balance your body and soull to face the PMS